Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Building Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

As our technology capabilities continue to develop, we are continuing to see an evolution in the way that people access and share information. The increased penetration of mobile devices - primarily smart-phones and tablets - means that more and more people are accessing web-based information and social media channels while they are on the move, multi-tasking. This raises some unique challenges and opportunities for businesses looking to ensure that the marketing initiatives and campaigns that they are developing continue to be as effective as possible at reaching your target audience.

How important is mobile marketing to your business?

Whatever channels that you are using to publish and promote your content and your marketing messages, there will be simple reporting that will show you all sorts of information about how many people are reading it and how effectively your content is connecting with people. There are always a couple of key questions that you should be asking yourself to check your performance back against the marketing objectives that you have set yourself. You always need to be looking at “who” is looking at your content (is it your target audience?); and you need to be looking at “how” they’re navigating through your content (where are they sticking? where are you losing them?); but just as importantly you need to also be looking at “where” they are viewing your content - which device are they using? If your business is in line with industry trends then you should be seeing an increasing number of people are using mobile devices to access your content. That means that you have to design your content so that it can be easily read (and actioned) from a mobile device.

Design with your user in mind

How you design your online presence, your content, and your digital marketing strategy all comes down to what exactly are you trying to get your target users to do? Are you wanting them to buy the product that they see on screen? Are you wanting them to register their interest in obtaining more information? Are you just looking to build brand awareness? If your users are on mobile devices they are likely to be multi-tasking, on the move, with limited time and a limited attention span. You are going to need to grab their attention and you’re going to have to make it easy and simple for them to complete the action that you’re trying to get them to do.

Don’t over-think your mobile strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in new technology developments and thinking that you need to redesign everything that you’re doing. It’s probably more sensible to see the rise of mobile as evolution not revolution because there isn’t really any major distinction between what works on mobile devices compared to what works on laptops. That’s because people are increasingly using their laptops more like mobile devices (touch screens, apps) and the improved functionality of mobile devices means that they can do pretty much anything that your laptop can. Anchor your digital marketing strategy in the user experience and what you want your target users to do and the content and design will flow from that.

The world continues to evolve - make sure that your business stays in the front.
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