Wednesday, 8 October 2014

22 SEO Tips Will Get You Top Ranked in 2015

Design With SEO In Mind: If your last website isn’t doing it for you, it might be time to redesign your site. But if you do this, rebuild it with SEO in mind and how you can easily implement it. If you are new to the game, then start by knowing that your site needs to be optimized for SEO.

Content Is King: The name of the game right now is having unique, creative, well-written content. If you don’t have it, this is where you should shift your attention.

Your Links Are Second In Command: If the content is in charge, then your links are what hold everything together. Try and increase the amount, and quality, of backlinks that you have that link to your website.

Keep The Keywords Coming: Keywords are not going anywhere. If didn’t use them in 2014, or any time before that, shift your attention to making sure that keywords are part of your site in 2015.
Other Text Should Be Relevant: Don’t think that you can just throw keywords into places that aren’t relevant. Instead, you want things to flow naturally and cohesively. If it doesn’t, Google will be able to pick it out and your site will take a hit.

You Have To Be Unique: Everything that you do on your site should be unique. The more unique your content, or site as a whole, is, the better rankings you’ll get through SEO.

Keep It Quality: It’s vital that you implement content that is unique, but that doesn’t mean you should go wild with lackluster material. Keep the quality high, or you’ll notice that your results are low.
Shift your Attention To Phrases: While keywords are incredibly important, you can also start to focus on keyword phrases as well. People commonly search for phrases in search engines, so matching those phrases will help make it easier for your site to rank highly.

Do You Use Java Script?: If not, it’s time you start. Your site should have drop down menus, links, and maps that make it easier to navigate through your site with Java. Remember how we mentioned tailoring your website to be built with SEO in mind, this is a good place to start.

Bring In A Blog: Blogs are great for a variety of reasons. For starters they make your content more personal and unique, but they also help to refresh your standing in SEO rankings each time you post something new.

Involve Everyone: Having a hard time keeping your blog content fresh? If so, have the CEO or other key members write their own. This will help to give you a new spin on things, and people love seeing a personal note from a CEO.

Check To Make Sure Your Site Is In Good Standing: When is the last time you checked to see if your site has been blacklisted or listed as spam? If it’s been a while, you should check this now.
Keep It Simple: Your website has to be easy to use. If it’s not, people won’t spend time on it and your bounce rate will take a hit.

Think Outside The Box: You may not even be realizing the value of your links, so rethink how to make them more valuable.

Focus Your Efforts: Each page on your website should be built with a focus in mind. Not only will it help with organization, but it also makes link building easier as well.

Be In It For The Long Haul: Your goal may be to see improvements in 2015, but understand that your SEO ranking is something that will last for years to come.

Find A Niche: Once you find your niche, invite guest bloggers to come and write for you. It helps to build your network and get attention from places you may not have thought about.

Implement Video: Having YouTube videos will help to bring in traffic. It’ll also help you get noticed higher on SEO.

And Photos: Photos are huge, as well. Therefore, be sure that your site is capable of “Enhanced Image Search” for Google rankings.

Be Social: Social media isn’t going anywhere. This is why you need to make sure that you have links to all of your social media accounts on your page.

Go Viral: Going viral can change your SEO ranking overnight. Coming up with viral content may be a challenge, but it’s one that is worth taking on.

Join Forces: There are plenty of other people out there who are looking to improve their SEO rankings as well. Two heads are better than one, as are two sites that are working together to help one another.


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